Healthcare Solutions

We are partnered with BHA Medical and are proud to offer the following solutions:

The Test & Treat Ecosystem Explained

The Test & Treat Ecosystem represents a seamless fusion of advanced diagnostics and state-of-the-art digital technology. At its heart is the Health Box — a comprehensive tool kit containing medical devices and QR-coded test kits for critical conditions such as HIV, Malaria, TB and more. This integration ensures that the continuum of care extends fluidly from testing to treatment.
Our robust digital platform underpins the Ecosystem, facilitating ease of test administration and the rapid delivery of results. This creates a cohesive network that not only diagnoses but also connects seamlessly with treatment protocols, epitomizing our commitment to providing a continuum of care that is both efficient and effective. As demonstrated in our ecosystem diagram, the interaction between physical diagnostics and digital processes ensures optimal patient outcomes, illustrating the innovative synergy at the core of our healthcare approach.

Overview: The Health Box

BHA Medical is set to introduce the Mobile Healthcare Solution in Zanzibar — a cutting-edge, portable healthcare unit in development that promises to revolutionize patient care. As the cornerstone of our Test & Treat Ecosystem, it is designed to empower healthcare professionals to deliver superior care in any location. This all-in-one solution is especially crucial for reaching remote and undeserved communities across Zanzibar, bringing real-time patient analysis and comprehensive healthcare management to the forefront.

  • Complete POC Solution: A portable suite providing on-the-spot point-of-care diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Real-Time Data Management: Harnessing technology to deliver immediate patient assessments and securely record health data.
  • Customizable & Adaptable: Configured to meet the diverse healthcare needs of Zanzibar’s urban and rural populations.
  • Energy Independent & Connected: Equipped with solar panels and mobile connectivity to ensure service in all environments.

Inside The Health Box

The Health Box is meticulously assembled with a range of devices and technologies that cater to the urgent health needs of Zanzibar. Each component is chosen for its reliability and ease of use, ensuring healthcare professionals can deliver top-tier medical care across various settings.

  • Diagnostic Devices: Including blood pressure monitors, SpO2 sensors, thermometers, and a portable ECG for comprehensive assessments.
  • Test Kits: Rapid diagnostic tests for prevalent conditions such as HIV, Malaria, and TB.
  • Digital Integration: A tablet is located within, our proprietary app that manages patient data and supports clinical decisions, streamlining the pathway from diagnosis to treatment.

Point-of-Care (POC) Rapid Testing Flow

Point-of-care diagnostics revolutionize patient care by enabling rapid testing and immediate clinical decisions. Our test and treat ecosystem are enhanced with advanced rapid test kits that communicate with digital technology, proven to improve patient outcomes significantly.
Point-of-Care (POC) rapid testing with the Health Box provides immediate diagnostic to targeted treatment and transforms patient care through:

  • Extensive Medical Testing: Offering immediate, on-site diagnostics for a range of conditions.
  • Seamless Data Transmission: Quick upload of results to our digital platform for analysis and pathway creation.
  • Integrated Prescription Management: Facilitating electronic prescriptions directly within the ecosystem.
  • Direct Dispatch of Medication: Ensuring uninterrupted healthcare delivery from test to treatment.
Disclaimer: Please note that this is an example in the UK of the process.

Self-Testing as an Option: An Expansion of the Ecosystem

Our self-testing capability, combined with an e-prescription system, offers Zanzibar timely healthcare access. This customized strategy is devised to confront common health issues in Zanzibar, such as malaria, HIV, and TB. Concentrating on pertinent tests, we tailor our services to Zanzibar’s healthcare objectives, ensuring our approaches are well-suited to the community’s specific needs.

Disclaimer: Please note that the provided graphic is an example of the process in the UK.

Our Healthcare Data Analytic Capabilities

Our data analysis skills are crucial for identifying health challenges and optimizing resources in Zanzibar. Using customized tools and software, we excel in boosting healthcare delivery and active disease surveillance throughout Zanzibar’s varied regions.

Managing Healthcare Data & Reporting

Data from point-of-care and self-tests are anonymized and uploaded to a centralized digital platform, tailored for Zanzibar’s healthcare landscape. This allows healthcare providers to customize data filtration and reporting, addressing Zanzibar’s specific health analysis needs. The data is presented in diagrams and heat maps for clear, comprehensive analysis, aiding in the efficient allocation of healthcare resources and informed decision-making.

  • Secure Data, Smart Management: Our system meets high standards of data security and patient privacy in line with Zanzibar’s regulations. Safeguarding patient information enables healthcare providers to make informed and swift decisions across various healthcare settings in Zanzibar.
  • Tailored Insights: By leveraging national health data, our platform offers sophisticated analysis tools for in-depth insights. This supports targeted health tracking and resource allocation, benefiting Zanzibar’s diverse demographic landscape.
  • Proactive Intervention: Our technology is geared for proactive healthcare measures, complementing Zanzibar’s health initiatives aimed at combating chronic and infectious diseases. It facilitates early detection and disease management, bolstering the nation’s capacity for handling health emergencies.

BHA Medical Partners with PODS for Global Pharmaceutical Distribution


BHA Medical has partnered with PODS Health, a global leader in healthcare supply chain solutions, to enhance the distribution of pharmaceuticals worldwide. This strategic partnership aims to leverage PODS Health’s extensive network and innovative solutions to ensure the seamless and efficient delivery of high-quality pharmaceuticals to meet the growing global demand.

About BHA Medical

BHA Medical is a leading provider dedicated to democratizing healthcare through innovative technology. Serving NGOs, governments, and corporate clients, BHA Medical offers advanced healthcare solutions tailored to diverse needs. Their mission is to revolutionize healthcare delivery, making it universally accessible, reliable, and efficient. By empowering individuals and healthcare providers, BHA Medical ensures high-quality healthcare is available to all, regardless of financial means.

About PODS Health

PODS Health is a Vancouver-based healthcare company with a significant global footprint. Known for exceeding industry expectations in quality and cost, PODS Health continuously innovates in product improvement and service. The company’s robust supply chain network and extensive manufacturing capabilities make it a turnkey solution provider for all medical supply requirements

Key Strengths and Capabilities:

  1. Global Reach and Experience: PODS Health has a proven track record as a government supplier, servicing seven national health ministries and operating in over 15 countries. The company has supplied millions of healthcare products to corporations and governments internationally.
  2. Comprehensive Product Offerings: PODS Health offers a broad range of healthcare products, including medical apparel, durable medical equipment, inpatient supplies, surgical packs, lab equipment, pharmaceuticals, and more.
  3. Pharmaceutical Expertise: With a portfolio of over 400 generic pharmaceutical options, PODS Health has established a strong presence in the Indian domestic generics market. All pharmaceutical products are manufactured at globally certified GMP and ISO 9001 and 14001 facilities, ensuring high quality and compliance standards.
  4. Supply Chain Innovation: PODS Health minimizes supply chain disruption by leveraging premier access to over 650 factories. The company provides turnkey supply chain solutions, from manufacturing to distribution, ensuring timely delivery of products.
  5. Social Responsibility: PODS Health is committed to providing community-based solutions to improve access to healthcare, education, and social mobility. The company offers environmentally sustainable options, such as biodegradable nitrile gloves and eco-conscious packaging.

This partnership between BHA Medical and PODS Health marks a significant step towards improving global healthcare access and ensuring the reliable supply of essential pharmaceuticals to meet the needs of communities worldwide.