The Pegasus Group offers a comprehensive, hands-on, one stop hospital service: Design – Construct – Equip – Commission – Manage. With extensive experience in healthcare and hospital facilities across private and public sectors, we are adept at managing all aspects of your project. From advice and consultancy to delivering paying patients to the door, we provide a truly end-to-end solution tailored to your needs, whether for a specific project or a full turnkey solution.

Whilst each of our projects is bespoke, they typically comprise of the following service areas:

  • Hospital management
  • Design & construction
  • Procurement & commissioning
  • Recruitment & training
  • Programs & systems
  • Project Management & Innovation

Hospital Management

The Pegasus Group possesses extensive expertise in delivering advanced hospital management services, encompassing all aspects necessary for optimal healthcare delivery. Our bespoke service allows clients to select the specific services that meet their needs, providing a comprehensive hospital management solution tailored to each client.

Hospital management services include:

  • Plan, build and commission hospitals
  • Comprehensive service
  • Turnaround management
  • Facility management services including all services, e.g. kitchen, laundry, catering, cleaning etc.
  • Budget preparation and financial management
  • Administrative management
  • People management

Design and Construction

Constructing or renovating a healthcare facility, along with the integration of highly specialized equipment, is a complex and specialized endeavor. At The Pegasus Group, we go beyond simply creating aesthetically pleasing buildings or relying on textbook designs. With our planners’ firsthand hospital operations experience, we possess the ability, knowledge, and insight to design functional hospitals that truly work. By incorporating your goals and the latest regulations, we develop plans tailored to your specific functional requirements, your staff’s preferences, and your patients’ needs and desires.

Our services offer the full co-ordination of construction projects from inception to completion, including advice on cost effective construction methods. The array of services includes:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Obtaining tenders and quotations from potential contractors
  • Appointment, monitoring and co-ordination of all professional teams and contractors
  • Structural, civil, mechanical and architectural design
  • Computerized project planning of the entire project to define critical path and documentation control
  • Ensuring the timely completion of projects to the highest possible standards within budget parameters

Project Management & Innovation

Pegasus Group has successfully coordinated and managed large-scale hospital and health service management programs, each with budgets reaching millions of dollars annually. These programs, involving multiple partners and beneficiaries, demand exceptional coordination and management skills. Leveraging our validated project cycle methodology, we meticulously plan activities, allocate resources, and define outcomes.

We prioritize measurable outcomes and invest significant effort in establishing robust monitoring and evaluation systems for management, quality assurance, and efficiency gains. This facilitates the establishment of reliable baselines and provides continuous feedback to managers on hospital service performance. We view effective monitoring and evaluation systems as integral components of our health management projects.

Our pride lies in our innovative healthcare solutions across various healthcare settings. We innovate not only in the solutions we devise but also in how we implement them. This innovation may manifest in novel service delivery approaches or in innovative implementation methodologies. Throughout this process, we ensure local ownership of programs or interventions, ensuring long-term sustainability.

A Client Centered Approach

At Pegasus Group, our approach revolves around meeting the unique needs of our clients. We tailor solutions and program designs to align closely with our clients’ requirements. This may involve implementing specific communication strategies to showcase project achievements, such as publishing articles in scientific journals or utilizing other channels, depending on the client’s preferences.

Our commitment is to deliver on our clients’ needs on time and within budget.